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Our Values

Our Values: to take care of ourselves in a natural way

The word “NATURAL” has a determined value for us and it is determinat to keep intact the evocative strenght which is contained in it, respecting the meaning and making
JUST an appropriate use of it. This should be useful in order to distinguish what is not natural.
Looking after ourselves, taking care of ourselves in a very natural way is the best someone can choose for himself or his family. And this is a great privilege we have to thank Heart Mother for. Therefore we love to propose just higher quality products, which have a very minimalist packaging (typical of what is over fashion) and are able to get through the years, remaining faithful to ourselves, avoiding the transormism of an ephemeral market.

The Project of personal wellness

Wellness and beauty. Intimately and deeply linked to the Cosmic and intrinsic Energy, which permeate every Human Being, the essential oils keep the sun in themeselves.
Their strenght, heat and vitality from the plants become the enthusiastic espression of fragrances and perfumes with a thin and burst of charme. They are the pulsing heart of BIOREGIT products and make them something very unique, innovative and valuable. Their quality excellence make them precious ally and “friends of your skin”!
We are aware that being fond of something is contagious and we want to share the exuberant and generous vitality of this products, which are the fruits of the symbiosis between Heart and Sun. Thanks to this gifts of Nature, the phytotherapic principle fuses with the shattering and gentle strenght of the aromatic molecules, giving strenght and nourishing to body and soul, getting through the pleasure of taking care of ourselves.

Our Products for personal care

BIOREGIT is born from this awareness: Eco-bio-attitude for beauty! Are you looking for the authenticity, natural, beauty, respect and health for your skin? Come into the cosmetic and Bio health universe.

Eco (logic): A beauty listening to our planet: products made from biological essential oils, without ingredients of animal origins and with a recyclable packaging for the environment safety. In this sense we are presenting products in two versions: “complete” and “recharge”, which are little steps to the alliance with Nature. Bio (logic): Ecocert & Cosmebio certifications: traceability and security thanks to these labels, for the person’s and environment respect. Attitude: - The respect and care of our body with natural and bio products - The respect of the planet in the product manufacture, for love to our sons and the next generations.

For your body, demand the best from Nature!
Regenerate your health thanks to the biologic!

BIOREGIT FitoAromaCosmetology EcoBioLogic Certified.

• Treatments for your face, in order to sublime your beauty
• Active treatments to alleviate your feet and legs
• Flower active oils to regenerate your skin

Our range of health biologic products. Use the advantages of the plant world!

• Biological plant oils

• Biological oils for massage

• Toilet waters

Commercial path without GMO and without the following ingedients (very often used in non-bio cosmetics):

• sodio laureth sulfate
• sodio lauryl sulfate of PEG
• paraffinum liquidum
• parabenes
• phenoxyethanol
• aluminium hydroxide…